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A project developed by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in electronics since 2007, for the dedicated production of new 100% ecological and sustainable materials. Agricultural resources and private business skills channelled into making cutting-edge eco-compatible products. Design, patents, licensing and special production of new technologies for creating MINERV-PHA™ PHAs biopolymers from renewable sources or agricultural waste products. Advanced engineering with a focusing and commercialisation of skills towards creating worldwide industrial projects.
Design and construction of MINERV-PHA™ production plants.
"On-demand" characterisation of PHAs for dedicated production shared with the customer.
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ndustrial scale-up with the definition of production modules. We produce complete PDP (process design packages) from the laboratory to the industrial-scale production plant. Production modules for 5, 10 and 20 thousand tonnes/year.
Industrial technology licenses through the design and creation with qualified partners of industrial production plants.
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Bio-on has always operated in sustainable and green-friendly design.
Thanks to the low environmental impact in Bio-on's PHAs production, a production model that is as close to nature and as sustainable as possible has been planned and shared. A large yet low-cost project that enhances the space for people, the materials used and the environmental impact. The modular structure is expandable and can be constructed anywhere in the world.
The design envisages an expandable output capacity of 10 thousand tonnes/year of PHAs.
To use Bio-on technology in your territory, contact us at:
Bio-on provides comprehensive documentation on the following: Dedicated and bankable industrial feasibility studies, Project descriptions, Designation lists, Standards, Design Criteria, Processes, Process control systems, Storage and Warehouse, Utilities, Electrical Installation, Heating Ventilation.
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