Bio-on and Hera create Lux-on the new challenge to produce bioplastic from CO2
Bio-on, a leader in the high quality bioplastic sector, and Gruppo Hera, one of Italy's largest multi-utility providers, have reached an agreement in LUX-ON, the new company founded by Bio-on aiming to revolutionise the production of PHAs biopolymers using CO2 captured from the atmosphere and producing energy without using fossil fuels. The new technology developed by Bio-on envisages using carbon dioxide as a zero cost "raw material", in addition to those already used to produce Bio-on bioplastic: sugar beet and sugar cane molasses, fruit and potato waste, carbohydrates, glycerol and waste frying oil. Using CO2 will also help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Bio-on takes an active part in special events and sponsors projects of high communicative and social value. The mission is to communicate to the public the opportunities offered by using PHAs biopolymers and the current state of the environment, in which excessive, out of control consumption of oil-based plastic generates an uncontrolled increase in pollution.
Any company, research scientist or individual citizen with a good idea or project to be submitted to Bio-on is always welcome. The Bio-on board and scientific committee will back any useful idea for affirming the smart use of PHAs biopolymers.


Bio-on sponsors this installation. Our company strongly believes in new communication methods and new art forms in the development of ecological awareness amongst the highest possible number of people. In this context we support this extraordinary new installation. Those looking for further information can visit
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Bio-on took part in EXPO MILANO in 2015.
A highly successful event with over 10 million visitors from around the world.
Bio-on has its own exhibition space where it showed how excellent bioplastic called PHAs can be made from agricultural waste, with no impact on the human food cycle. The product is also totally naturally biodegradable, thus making an active contribution towards the new circular economy.
In 2015 Bio-on sponsored the scientific mission EXXPEDITION with Caterina Falleni (
The expedition saw an all-female team of scientists and researchers sailing the oceans and studying the condition of our seas and oceans. Many tests were conducted following a process identical to that used on space missions.
Material will be made available on-line followed by a report published around the world as well as photos and video.
For Italy, Caterina Falleni took part sponsored by Bio-on SpA.
Caterina carried out research and tests with PHAs (made by Bio-on), the only bioplastic that will completely biodegrade naturally in sea water.
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The Matter_

Try to invent: Bio-on launches a call for project proposals related to the development of innovative applications based on Polyhydroxyalcanoates (PHA)
The challenge has begun. The Matter_ is the kit containing PHAs made from Bio-on technology.
We are proud to have an open mentality, ready to support anyone with a good idea.
The future of biopolymers depends on a breadth of projects around the world that enable scientists and businesses to express their creativity through daring innovation. Not only will it be possible to replace oil-based plastics, but also think about new uses that were impossible with old polluting plastic. It's all very simple: send your idea or project to Bio-on for selection using the form on this website. Bio-on will accompany you on this new adventure and help bring your project to fruition. Nature will be the real protagonist of the future biochemical industry.
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