Bio-on participe activement à des manifestations spéciales ou au parrainage de projets de haute valeur sur le plan social et des communications. Sa mission : communiquer au public tout le potentiel intégral et les possibilités qu'apportent les bio-polymères PHA (polyhydroxyalcanoates) à un milieu où une consommation immodérée et hors de tout contrôle de matières plastiques dérivées du pétrole engendre une augmentation à outrance de la pollution. Toute entreprise, tout chercheur, voire tout citoyen éclairé souhaitant soumettre une idée ou un projet à Bio-on est toujours le bienvenu ! Le conseil d'administration de Bio-on, et le comité scientifique de notre entreprise, soutiennent toutes les idées utiles et de nature à démontrer l'emploi intelligent des bio-polymères PHA.


Bio-on sponsors this installation. Our company strongly believes in new communication methods and new art forms in the development of ecological awareness amongst the highest possible number of people. In this context we support this extraordinary new installation. Those looking for further information can visit
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Bio-on took part in EXPO MILANO in 2015.
A highly successful event with over 10 million visitors from around the world.
Bio-on has its own exhibition space where it showed how excellent bioplastic called PHAs can be made from agricultural waste, with no impact on the human food cycle. The product is also totally naturally biodegradable, thus making an active contribution towards the new circular economy.
In 2015 Bio-on sponsored the scientific mission EXXPEDITION with Caterina Falleni (
The expedition saw an all-female team of scientists and researchers sailing the oceans and studying the condition of our seas and oceans. Many tests were conducted following a process identical to that used on space missions.
Material will be made available on-line followed by a report published around the world as well as photos and video.
For Italy, Caterina Falleni took part sponsored by Bio-on SpA.
Caterina carried out research and tests with PHAs (made by Bio-on), the only bioplastic that will completely biodegrade naturally in sea water.
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FLOS to be world's first company to use revolutionary bioplastic designed by Bio-on Miss Sissi, designed by Philippe Starck in 1991, is presented today in an innovative, completely biodegradable material, thanks to the global collaboration between the two companies Milan/Bologna, 2012 - Bio-on and FLOS present the world's first product made with PHAs, the 100% naturally water-biodegradable bioplastic. The first design object to be made in this initial test of the revolutionary material is Miss Sissi, the FLOS lamp designed in 1991 by Philippe Starck and now an icon in lighting design. The creativity, experience and global presence of FLOS are thus teamed with the innovation of bio-on, the sole owner of the technology to produce PHAs bioplastic. Made so far of polycarbonate, one of the most widely used plastics in industry, Miss Sissi passed the test with the new bioplastic developed over the last 5 years in Italy by bio-on (using Co.Pro.B by-products).The PHAs biopolymer is revolutionary because it is made from the waste materials of sugar beet and cane production (so it has zero impact on the food cycle), it requires no organic solvents, it is completely biodegradable in soil and water and it provides exceptional performance."We are proud to be presenting the world's very first design product made with our biopolymer PHAs together with such a prestigious and well-known brand as FLOS. Thanks to this collaboration," explains bio-on managing director Marco Astorri, "we can really launch a new era. The technology is available at a lobal level and, with the range of biopolymers developed by bio-on, it is now possible to create a vast range of objects in all of the sectors currently using plastic".
"We are pleased to be entering this new challenge for the future," says Piero Gandini, Chairman and managing director of FLOS S.p.A., "which represents the non-stop Italian innovative spirit, splendidly exemplified by bio-on. We cannot wait to continue the tests on other products and materials, so that there can soon be a turning point in environmentally-friendly production, already encapsulated by our ‘Cradle to Cradle' Soft Architecture material. These bio-on polymers - although we cannot really call them polymers and a new name should be coined - are a total revolution in the relationship between mass production and environment. We are pleased and honoured to work with such a gifted and enthusiastic team as bio-on."
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