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Bio-on: i.e., turn on BIO! "turn OFF pollution"!
This is the simple idea encapsulated by the ON in our company name; a globally-recognised sign of positivity and of improving the lives of all. From today, Bio-on will help build a more sustainable future for everyone, through everyday plastic objects.
By licensing out the proprietary know-how to produce PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates), recognised as the best biopolymers for the future. A new generation of linear polyesters to replace and improve PET, PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE... for a world where it is no longer necessary to destroy in order to build, but plant seeds in order to produce.
MINERV-PHA™ accentuates its excellent biodegradability factor both in water and in soil. This type of polymer biodegradation is the "future" of global biodegradability. The natural dissolution of a biopolymer in water or soil in a short time is a rare and very difficult result to achieve. MINERV-PHA™ is the first high-performing biopolymer obtained from agricultural co-products or waste to achieve this important result. MINERV-PHA™ dissolves in normal river or sea water leaving no residue in just a few days.
MINERV-PHA™ production in its special applications is supplied directly by Bio-on from its production sites. Our industrial production website provides more information.
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